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    Pay It Forward 


This page is dedicated to those clients who take time out of their busy schedules to help others. Jamacha Veterinary Clinic greatly appreciates their kindness and generosity. We hope that these clients will inspire you to help those in your community as well.  





Hello everyone! We would like to introduce you to "Bubba". This handsome man was brought into our clinic after a good samaritan found him in the road after being hit by a car. We examined Bubba and we found that the this little man had a broken jaw that required surgery. Bubba stayed with us and Dr. Kelly performed surgery on his jaw and placed a feeding tube so that Bubba would be able to eat. After Bubba recovered from his procedure a very kind and generous man offered to foster Bubba until he was ready to be adopted. Bubba is a very affectionate cat who loves to be pet. He is playful and loving. He loves to be around people and he will rub against you for your attention. Thanks to the kind people who donated their time to Bubba's care and happiness Bubba found his forever home and was given a second chance in life.





Jamacha Veterinary Clinic El Cajon, CA Gypsy was recently diagnosed with a condition that requires her to sit in an upright position when eating. The Bailey Chair is a special chair designed to assist animals with this condition. Following Gypsy's diagnosis Dr. Kelly contacted one of our long-time clients, who works in construction, Michael Perry. Mr. Perry not only agreed to build the chair for Gypsy but had it finished within a few days! We are all inspired by his kindness and thank him from the bottom of our hearts. Mr. Perry owns a construction business in San Diego County and if you would like inquire about any of his services please visit his website: The Patio Guy  










Jamacha Veterinary Clinic El Cajon, CA

Westie Rescue is one of the many rescues located in San Diego, California. We have been working with Westie Rescue for many years now and it is our pleasure to help these playful and lovable dogs find everlasting homes. Founder Susan Reeves truly loves each and every one of her rescues and provides them with quality care. If you are interested in adopting a West Highland Terrier or you would like to find out more about this organization please visit the Westie Rescue of California website.                                                                                             







Never have we known a corgi as playful and sweet as Miss Daphne Moon. Needless to say it broke all of our hearts when we learned she had cancer. The beautiful thing about animals is that they can't comprehend a diagnosis like cancer so they continue to live life to its fullest, and this is exactly what Daphne did. Daphne underwent multiple surgeries and chemotherapy to slow the progression of the cancer and neither could keep her down. When Daphne would walk into our lobby her entire body would wiggle with excitement. She would stare longingly at you, waiting for a piece of her favorite jerky treat. It was so easy to fall in love with Daphne. Daphne's family provided her with unconditional love and devoted care and those who knew them were inspired by their story.  A very kind soul was so moved by Daphne's courage that she anonymously contributed to Daphne's chemotherapy treatments. This woman's generosity gave Daphne another year to play ball and sleep comfortably at her family's feet. Although Daphne is no longer with us, her memory will continue to make us smile. We thank the woman who donated to Daphne's care and we hope she knows the impact her altruism had on everyone in Daphne's life. Daphne's story is one that will forever fill our hearts with love.